H I N W E I S (ohne fachliche Gewähr, wir sind selbst geschockt) :
EMP als Waffe - worüber sich alle Bürger d r i n g e n d s t (!!!!!!!!) informieren sollten (die Redaktion):


Islamic State militants vow ("= (feierlich) geloben")
to attack major American cities


Bill O'Reilly: ISIS Fighters might Reach US Borders anytime
- US Goverment Concerned


US army is getting prepared for what could be
"The End of America".

Massive round of terror attacks and there is
a very alarming chance that they
could be on US soil already
planning their attacks.

Obama is allowing WW3 to happen

They're here in masses and the goverment cannot protect you.
This will show you what you must do to protect your family and stay safe.

Are you ready for WW3? Watch the critical warning HERE.

- Click Here Before The Video Is Taken Down Permanently -











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