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  1. Stephanie Swedberg, who is 33-weeks pregnant, said she was in the water at Crystal Beach Park with one of her boys when she saw a fully dressed mother wading through the water screaming for help.
  2. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress on Tuesday that China poses “a more severe counterintelligence threat” to the United States than any other country. 
  3. Footage shows passengers yelling in shock as a woman smashed a laptop into another passenger’s head.
  4. A Great horned owl that was completely covered in oil is recovering in California.
  5. The Democrats are desperate for Robert Mueller to appear credible in the eyes of the American people – but the former special counsel has already proven that he’s just another sleazy Washington politician with a biased agenda against President Trump.
  6. Detroit Police are on the hunt Tuesday for a suspect they believe is responsible for beating a man to death following a car accident.
  7. Hong Kong police have arrested six men - some believed to have links to triad gangs - in connection to the violent mob attack on Sunday that saw dozens of masked men assaults civilians returning home after a pro-democracy demonstration.
  8. The Trump administration announced Tuesday that in a period of just over two months, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested more than 900 people who had remained in the country despite being ordered to leave.
  9. There's a new boss in town.
  10. Officials at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Eastham, Massachusetts, have taken two sickly, juvenile bald eagles under their wing.