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  1. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said Thursday night that GOP Rep. Jason Smith was casting an inappropriate "aspersion on a Hispanic" by telling him to "go back to Puerto Rico" -- even if the comment,  as Smith has repeatedly claimed, was a reference to the Democratic congressional delgation's recent trip to the Caribbean island.
  2. A federal appeals court Thursday vacated a lower court's order prohibiting Texas from eliminating Planned Parenthood from the state's Medicaid program.
  3. A House Democratic Caucus meeting was roiled this morning when one representative floated the possibility that the ongoing partial federal government shutdown might affect federal authorities' ability to secure the upcoming NFL Super Bowl.
  4. Coffee drinkers may be sipping on tea soon after a new study revealed that 60 percent of coffee species could be facing extinction because of climate change.
  5. A shooting broke out in a Texas church parking lot on Thursday, leaving one woman dead, authorities said.
  6. Mexico’s largest airline took aim at President Trump’s immigration policies this week in a new advertisement that trolled a group of people from Texas by first asking them about their opinion on the country -- and then offering them discounted flights based on their Mexican heritage.
  7. The brothers of the American killed in the deadly extremist attack on a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi this week spoke to Fox News about Jason Spindler, who worked with international companies to form business partnerships in Kenya that would boost local economies.
  8. As the partial government shutdown heads into its 28th day, Pornhub has reported a spike in traffic — coinciding with the same time as some federal workers stay home from the work.
  9. Anti-Trump comedian Rosie O’Donnell revealed she believes the president won't get elected to a second term -- because he'll be under arrest.
  10. Sansa Stark has gone through the ringer on "Game of Thrones" -- and so has Sophie Turner.