Read LPAC's FACTSHEET · Impeachable Offenses: Fracking Kills

There are similar skirmishes against fracking underway in other states and localities. These fierce battles are being fought in a rearguard way, partly because of how, from the beginning, fracking was foisted on the United States through its evil promotion as a "state" option, and not a Federal matter concerning the current and future public interest in water, energy and resources. Dick Cheney was one of the leading agents of this subversion, in league with the Wall Street/City of London cartel gang, including BP, Halliburton, et al. For example, the "Energy Act of 2005," has the infamous measure, called the "Halliburton Clause," which specifically denies Federal agencies any oversight authority over the chemicals and water used for fracking. Obama has maintained the Cheney policy in every way.





Quelle: http://larouchepac.com/node/30694 ,

           FACTSHEET · Impeachable Offenses: Fracking Kills (PDF)



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